• Luis Carlos Diaz

    Luis Carlos Diaz

    Marketing Strategy and Consumer Insights professional in the Digital and Tech age. Music & Guitar aficionado. Bilingual Tweeter. Tweets are mine

  • Secnethia Henley

    Secnethia Henley

  • Kathi McKenzie

    Kathi McKenzie

  • Kimberly Torries

    Kimberly Torries

    Used to be a Tootle; now, technically a Torries. At heart, still a Tootle.

  • Dvorah Graeser

    Dvorah Graeser

    CEO of KISSPatent, providing strategic patent protection for tech startups www.kisspatent.com

  • Alex Chaffee

    Alex Chaffee

    Coder, coach, cofounder. Co-created Cohuman, Pivotal Tracker, Wrong, Erector, Moodlog, and more. Railsbridge vol. Agile coder. Ruby lover. A dog's best friend.



    We develop future-ready technology solutions for our clients to solve their business problems and help them propel ahead of competitors.

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